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The Art of Leisure

The Art of Leisure
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I started this brand in hopes to promote the art of leisure, something I think we all need to work on more. The sun rises early in the morning...we get up, shower, get dressed and rush out to fulfill our many duties and obligations for the day. As time ticks on, we make calls, check emails...and the list goes on and on; every day is chocked with an infinite number of activities. Even when you breathe that sigh of relief, thinking you're done for the day, other urgent activities start to pop up from nowhere.

Ask yourself this question, "When was the last time I took time off for me?"...Have you just stopped to think about the impacts of overworking and stress on your health?

At Island Time, we think the art of leisure is a way of life that encompasses freedom and independent choice, an opportunity to achieve self-actualization, to indulge in activities of your choice, and at your own pace. It is a way to take care of yourself, to listen to you and to get to understand what you need.

After the daily hustle and bustle, leisure can provide a healthy avenue for human development, in which we can allow ourselves to stimulate our facet as artists or athletes. We can also invest that time in reading, writing; practices that will enrich us both mentally and otherwise.

In addition, leisure allows us to reconnect with ourselves and recharge our energies so that we can come back mentally fit to perform our daily activities. Hopefully we can help inspire you to take more time to yourself. Even if you’re a mom, understand that taking care of yourself isn’t optional; it’s necessary. You can’t give what you don’t have. What do you do to help yourself recharge?


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